The Artline – Open Doors Weekend
29th April – 30th April 2017

Open Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm
A chance to see round the venues which are not always open to the public.
Please note that Kirkcaldy Galleries opens at 12noon on Sunday.

Kinghorn Gallery – The Changing Face of Kinghorn High Street.
Saturday 29th April – Saturday 27th May 2017
Open Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm.
An exhibition of ephemera and photographs by Kinghorn Historical Society.
Kinghorn Studios – Work by artist Douglas Gray.
Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April 2017
10am – 4pm.
An opportunity to meet the artist and see his work.

Kirkcaldy Galleries – Li mo mo lumProgramme
11th March – 11th June 2017 – A Fife Contemporary exhibition.
New work by Jeremy Hutchison presented by visual art and craft organisation Fife Contemporary.
The title of this exhibition refers to a sketch by Billy Connolly, where he accounts for Kirkcaldy’s industrial decline. He claims that the city’s linoleum industry ‘went down the pan’ because nobody could pronounce the word linoleum.
This exhibition explores the effect of de-industrialisation on Kirkcaldy. Working closely with a group of residents, the artist has created a series of performances, texts, videos and linocuts that investigate the experience of unemployment in Kirkcaldy, and its relationship to a thriving industrial past.

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